Laboratory Dual Roll Crusher


MODEL X Diameter Y (Face Width) Machine Capacity
6×6 6″ 6″ 2000lbs/hr
8×8 8″ 8″ 2400lbs/hr
10×8 10″ 8″ 3000lbs/hr
10×10 10″ 10″ 3600lbs/hr
10×12 10″ 12″ 7000lbs/hr
12×10 12″ 10″ 7000lbs/hr
12×12 12″ 12″ 7000lbs/hr
14×8 14″ 8″ 9000lbs/hr
14×10 14″ 10″ 10000lbs/hr
14×12 14″ 12″ 12000lbs/hr
20×6 20″ 6″ N/A
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The Rolls Crusher will reduce rock samples to a fineness less than -20 mesh and smaller from original sizes up to 19mm maximum. This applies to 355mm rolls with the closest setting.

It has a patent pending feed hopper to evenly distribute samples over the full surface of rolls to create uniform surface wear. Dust created by grinding samples can be removed via two dust extraction ports. Roller gaps adjustable to 2.54mm and access to drive components for maintenance and inspection is quick and easy via removable panels.

The machine is fully enclosed for a safe and dust free working environment, rolls are powered by individual motors and it has an output capacity of 1814kg per hour.

The machine weighs 455kgs and has 2 motors, 3 phase 60 cycle standard. 1 phase and / or 50 cycle motors are available. Electric motor types must be specified at time of ordering. Horsepower will vary depending on size of rollers.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (8 x 8, 2400 lbs/hr; 10 x 8, 3000 lbs/hr)

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