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In early 2019, a group of colleagues sat down and commiserated, from both perspectives, how junior and mid-tier mining companies were at the mercy of ever-expanding teams of specialists thrust upon them when engaging engineering firms to assist with preliminary project studies. Often, these studies are virtually completed by the mining company, and require an independent review only.

We had all been on one side of the table or the other with a group of 2 or 3 mining executives that were conferencing with a dozen or more QPs in time zones that crossed half the globe. And the mining company is of course paying hourly rates for all, whether needed or not.

Sepor Services LLC was the result of our conversation. We use our multi-jurisdictional, multi-faceted expertise to provide the independent review and guidance that a project requires to get through preliminary economic assessment, prefeasibility or just a preliminary ‘sanity check’. We are not focused on the large feasibility studies, but the steps that a project needs to traverse in order to reach the feasibility study stage. We can prepare the
Prefeasibility Study or the Preliminary Economic Assessment for your project required to advance your project to the next phase without draining your treasury.

For more information, please contact Tim Miller at (310)233-7355 or (954)854-5142 or you can email [email protected].

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