HCB Precision Balances

Catalog Number Model No. Capacity Readability Platform Size
100D-201 HCB 123 120g 0.001g 4.7′′Ø/120mmØ
100D-203 HCB 153 150g 0.005g 4.7′′Ø/120mmØ
100D-207 HCB 302 300g 0.01g 4.7′′Ø/120mmØ
100D-208 HCB 602H 600g 0.01g 4.7′′Ø/120mmØ
100D-209 HCB 602 600g 0.02g 4.7′′Ø/120mmØ
100D-211 HCB 1002 1000g 0.01g 4.7′′Ø/120mmØ
100D-213 HCB 1502 1500g 0.05g 4.7′′Ø/120mmØ
100D-214 HCB 3001 3000g 0.1g 4.7′′Ø/120mmØ
100D-215 HCB 6001 6000g 0.1g 5.7″
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Highland balances have what it takes for basic lab work, field use and various industrial applications.

The HCB Series of precision balances are compact, portable and a high quality precision balance with readability ranging from 3 decimal places (001) to one decimal place for larger loads 0.1g.

*Other capacities available, please contact Sepor for more information.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (120g to 3000g/.001g to .1g)


100D-201 • HCB123, 100D-203 • HCB153, 100D-207 • HCB302, 100D-208 • HCB602H, 100D-209 • HCB602, 100D-211 • HCB1002, 100D-213 • HCB1502, 100D-214 • HCB3001, 100D-215 • HCB6001

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