Lab Plate Frame Filter press 8 inch

Catalog Number Description Ship Weight
070B-100 Laboratory plate and frame filter press, 8 inch 150 lbs
070B-106 Set of 20 micron polypropylene filter cloth cut to fit plates 5 lbs
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8 inch laboratory plate and frame filter press, providing 0.19 cubic feet of filter cake capacity, 1.7 square feet of filtration area, for a feed rate of 0.8 to 1.7 GPM, Includes 316 SS square design framework rated at 100 psi, polypropylene flush head frame, polypropylene flush tail frame, 6 chambers, 316 stainless steel head connections with tri-clamp fillings, consisting of top corner feed, bottom filtrate outlet, top and bottom corner wash/air inlet and filtrate outlets, closing system consisting of a hard chrome plate steel screw spindle, a hard chrome plated bronze spindle nut and stainless steel hand wheel.


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