Sepor Mini-Jaw Crusher


Catalog Number Description Shipping Weight
010A-021 Mini-Jaw Crusher, With Steel Jaw, Cheek Plates 65 lbs
010A-011 Mini-Jaw Crusher, With Ceramic Jaw, Cheek Plates 65 lbs
010A-012 Mini-Jaw Crusher, With Tungsten Carbide Jaw, Cheek Plates 65 lbs
010A-022 Complete Set of Steel Jaw & Cheek Plates 8 lbs
010A-023 Complete Set of Alumina Jaw & Cheek Plates 5 lbs
010A-024 Complete Set of Tungsten Carbide Jaw & Cheek Plates 10 lbs
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The SEPOR Mini-Jaw Crusher is suitable for crushing small quantities of rock and other friable material, ranging in hardness from hard quartz to relatively soft clay stone. It is available with a variety of wear surfaces.




010A-021 • Mini Jaw Crusher, Steel Plates, 010A-011 • Mini Jaw Crusher, Ceramic Plates, 010A-012 • Mini Jaw Crusher, Tungsten Carbide Plates, 010A-022 • Steel Jaw Plates, Cheek Plates, Set, 010A-023 • Ceramic Jaw Plates, Cheek Plates, Set, 010A-024 • Tungsten Carbide Jaw Plates, Cheek Plates, Set

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Sepor Mini-Jaw Crusher
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