GRALAB. The standard of lab timers.

Portable, switches external circuits on or off, two separate 3-wire outlet receptacles.

The 545 model delivers tenth-of-a-second control, digital display, automatic reset, and two outlets.

140A-001 | Model 170, 1 minute to 60 hour range

140A-002 | Model 171, 1 second to 60 minute range

140A-003 | Model 172, 1/4 second to 15 minute range

140A-004 | Model 173, 15 seconds to 15 hour rang

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GRALAB. These portable timers are widely used to indicate passage of time, to signal the end of a preselected interval, and to automatically switch external circuits on or off. Ideal for controlling lab equipment such as sieve shakers, vibrators, and other fraction horsepower machines. All models have two separate 3-wire outlet receptacles; maximum 750 watt combined load for both outlets. Features include an 8″ dial with large numbers for elapsed time, and inner circle of small numbers for use as a stop clock, an a built-in buzzer with variable volume control. All units have an accuracy of +/-0.015~ at maximum setting. Specify 115V or 230V; also, specify 50 or 60Hz. UL and CS listed.

Weight 16 oz

140A-001 • Model 170, 140A-002 • Model 171, 140A-003 • Model 172, 140A-004 • Model 173

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