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Cimarec Basic Stirring Hotplates 030
Temperature range – 150 to 538C/302 to 1000F
Stirring speed – 100 to 2500rpm

The sleek rugged design of the Cimarec basic stirring hotplate combines performance with a economical price point. This unit is ideal for stirring speeds up to 2500rpm. Equipment comes standard with a TFE coated stir bar.

Cimarec Digital Stirring Hotplates 031/032
Stirring range – 60 to 1200 rpm
Temperature range – 5 to 400C

Cimarec Digital Stirring Hotplates (Ceramic) 033/034
Stirring range – 60 to 1200 rpm
Temperature range – 5 to 300C

Cimarec Digital Stirring Hotplates (Aluminum)  035/036
Stirring range   60 to 1200 rpm
Temp range – 5 to 540 C

Cimarec Digital stirring hotplates offer advanced stirring controls exceptional safety and superior temperature performance for general heating applications. These hotplates are ideal for repetitive procedures that demand precision and safety. StirTrac technology optimizes stirring speeds and unique HOT TOP alert provides added protection.

Cimarec Stirrers 040/041
Stirring speeds – 60 to 1200rpm

Cimarec stirrers have microprocessor feedback for precise control even with changes in viscosity. The stirrer delivers digital performance at an analog price and with its low profile design in includes 3 sizes for flexibility from microscale to larger vessels. Hotplate comes with detachable line cord and plug. All models are supplied with a 0.38” x 2”L TFE coated stir bar.


090A-030 • BASIC STIRRING – 7X7, 120v, 090A-031 • DIGITAL STIRRING – 10×10, 120v, 090A-032 • DIGITAL STIRRING – 10×10, 240v, 090A-033 • DIGITAL STIRRING – 7×7, 120v, 090A-034 • DIGITAL STIRRING – 7×7, 240v, 090A-035 • DIGITAL STIRRING – 7×7, 120v, 090A-036 • DIGITAL STIRRING – 7×7, 240v, 090A-040 • STIRRERS 10×10, 120v, 090A-041 • STIRRERS 10×10, 240v


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