Laboratory High Intensity Induced Roll Magnetic Separator, MIH (13)

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The Model MIH(13)111-5 is a TOP FED laboratory or pilot plant dry high intensity magnetic separator, is designed to separate moderately or weakly magnetic (para- magnetic) materials. Results obtained from this small separator are scalable to predict performance from large production size high intensity magnetic separators. The feed particle size to be separated in this separator should range from 1 mm (18 mesh) to 0.034 mm (400 mesh). The capacity of this separator is 100 kg/hour (220 lbs/hour) on material having a bulk density of 1600 Kg/M3 (100 lbs/Ft3). Batch samples of 10 gm or more may also be precessed.


Dimensions 34 × 19 × 21 in


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