M Series Centrifuge

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070D-050 Lab, Pilot Scale Centrifuge, M512, 2 HP/230 V/3 Ph/60 Hz
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The M series of centrifuges are specifically designed to separate solids from liquids without the use of consumable filtration elements. They are used for recovering valuable solids from slurries, and for recovering valuable liquids from slurries. Basic centrifuge theory says that the degree of separation in a centrifuge depends on the amount of centrifugal force the machine generates and the length of time it maintains the liquid under this centrifugal force. The M Series centrifuges have adjustable rotational speed and throughput rate, to achieve the desired degree of separation. This is referred to as the Effective Capacity of the centrifuge. The effective capacity is dependent upon the viscosity and density of the liquid, plus the size, weight and shape of the suspended solids. It is possible to separate suspended solids in the M Series Centrifuge’s as small as 3 μ. These centrifuges have found application in environmental, remediation, mineral processing, waste treatment, scrubber water treatment and many other industrial applications.



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