Magnetic Drum Separator (Wet)

Catalog Number Item Description Power
060B-010 WPD 15″ x 9″ 120V/1ph/60hz
060B-011 WPD 15″ x 9″ 230V/1ph/50-60hz
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Magnetic Drum Separators

Wet drum magnetic separators are used in magnetic particle recovery, removing the magnetic component from a slurry, and discharging the magnetic concentrate from one end and the non-magnetic content from the tailing discharge, typically located on one side of the separator.

Wet drum magnetic separators are more efficient that dry drums, because water makes a good medium for dispersing solids and this gives a much more consistent particle surface area to magnet surface area, thereby yielding higher recoveries of magnetic particles.

The most common type of wet drum separator is the low intensity wet drum separator, for recovering highly magnetic material. The drum has a magnetic field from 600 to 1,000 gauss, typically. Wet high intensity magnetic separators are also used for para-magnetic materials, with magnetic field intensity ranging from 7,000 gauss (Permanent Drum) to 20,000 gauss (Electro-magnetic drums).

We have a full range of small (lab and pilot plant scale), magnetic separators, and a few suited for small scale production.



Dimensions 18 × 24 in


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