Mega Slurry Pump

Catalog Number Table Diameter Ship Weight Ship Volume
030A-001 Mega Slurry Pump, 7.5 Hp/3 Ph/230 V/60 Hz 700 Lbs. 32 CuFt
030A-002 Mega Slurry Pump, 7.5 Hp/3 Ph/380 V/50 Hz 700 Lbs. 32 CuFt
030A-004 Add frequency inverter to vary speed and pump output. 10 Lbs. 1 CuFt
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The Mega Slurry is a high-performance, low maintenance slurry pump recommended for coarse or fine particles from solids-laden waste water to aggressive slurries of an abrasive and/or corrosive nature. Capacity of pump is up to160 GPM @ 100 Ft. TDH. Impeller, chamber made from chromium wear steel alloy, to give good abrasion resistance. Hard metal Mega Slurry Pumps feature a single wall shell and a hub plate of high chrome white iron. These pumps are suitable for high discharge head, mildly corrosive slurries and a wide range of particle sizes. This chrome steel alloy offers excellent wear life along with resistance to chemical corrosion when applied in slurries with pH as low as five.



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