Metering Pump – Diaphragm Type

BW. Precise feed control of liquids, powered by a permanent magnet motor with a solid state controller.

Pump heads are machined of 030B acrylic, polypropylene, or polyethylene.

Diaphragm is teflon coated Buna and the 0-ring is made of viton.

030B-110 | PTFE Diaphragm pump, 0-100ml/min, 110v/l/60Hz

030B-120 | PTFE Diaphragm pump, 0-100ml/min, 220v/l/50Hz

030B-130 | PTFE Diaphragm pump, 80-800ml/min, 110v/l/60Hz

030B-140 | PTFE Diaphragm pump, 80-800ml/min, 220v/l/50Hz

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Sepor’s line of diaphragm metering pumps incorporate PTFE corrosion resistant, non-contamination construction in a variable speed pump series capable of pumping 0 to 800 ml/min. at a head up to 50 psig. Liquids with temperatures up to 150 deg F for continuous use are easily pumped. Pump may be run dry without harm. Internal check valve prevents siphoning. Pumps easily into pressurized 11 systems. Pump flow accuracy is ±1%. Port connections 1/4 NPT includes motor-reducer, on/off and variable speed control panel. Shipped complete and ready to operate.


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