Mineral Jig 9×16

Catalog Number Description Electrical Requirements Shipping Weight
050G-016 9 X 16 Jig 115 V/1 Ph/60 Hz 200 lbs.
050G-017 9 X 16 Jig 220 V/1 Ph/50 Hz 200 lbs.
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The Sepor 9×16 mineral jig is a fixed bed design, selective simplex mineral jig for use separating heavy density material from light density material. The 9×16 jig has a screen bed of 9″ wide by 16″ long for a total of 1 square foot of jig bed area. The bed is covered with a stainless steel wedge wire screen with 3 mm openings. The Sepor jig is actuated by 1/2 Hp electric motor which drives an adjustable eccentric fixed shaft connected to a rubber diaphragm. By rotating the eccentric, the stroke of the shaft may be adjusted, reducing or increasing the action of the diaphragm. A rotating water valve is used to inject water into the diaphragm compartment on the upward stroke and reduce the effect of the suction stroke. An additional water inlet is provided for adding an additional water column through the bed while jigging. The jig is completely assembled on a sturdy structural steel frame. A 25 pound charge of 3/16″ hardened jig shot is included with the jig.




050G-016 • 9″x16″, 110 V/1 Ph/60 Hz, 050G-017 • 9″x16″, 220 V/1 Ph/50 Hz


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