Mini – Pulverizer

Catalog Number Description Shipping Weight
010F-030 Mini-Pulverizer with Alumina Plates 35 Lbs
010F-031 Mini-Pulverizer with Tungsten Carbide Plates 35 Lbs
010F-032 Extra Set of Alumina Plates 2 Lbs.
010F-033 Extra Set of Tungsten Carbide Plates 2 Lbs.
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The Sepor Mini-Pulverizer comes with ceramic or tungsten carbide grinding plates and is ideally suited for reducing small quantities of minus 1/8 inch material to minus 150 mesh. It has a nominal capacity for reducing 1 to 20 gram size batch samples (Quartz Ore). Plate life for ceramic plates is typically 1,000 to 3,000 individual samples of 10 grams of quartz ore reduced to 150mesh. By reversing the direction of the plate rotation, the plate life may be maximized. A switch is provided on the crusher for reversing the plate direction. Grinding size is adjustable from 40 mesh to 150 mesh. The pulverizer is easily cleaned with a brush, air hose or vacuum.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (reversible plates for extended life, grinding size 40 to 150 mesh)




010F-030 • Mini Pulverizer, Ceramic Plates, 010F-031 • Mini Pulverizer, Tungsten Carbide Plates, 010F-032 • Set of Ceramic Plates, 010F-033 • Set of Tungsten Carbide Plates

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