SB Superbowl Batch Laboratory Centrifugal Concentrator

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The SB range of concentrators retains the highest density particles from a feed slurry to periodically produce a small but relatively higher-grade concentrate (up to 1% by mass).Concentrate grades can be very high, often measured in percentage of metal, i.e. 3% Au, etc. The high grades obtained mean that weight recovery is very low, usually <1%.

The heaviest layers pass over the concentrate bed retained in the riffles at the top of the rotor bowl.
The addition of back-pressure water from behind the riffle beds enable heavy target particles to migrate to the bottom of the bed and be retained in preference to lighter particles.

The high G’s permit effective recovery for even very fine particles and the depth of the concentrate bed allows coarser particles in the feed stream to be processed. When the bed has built up to a sufficient grade the feed is stopped, the rotor slowed and the built in spray manifold rinses the concentrate under the rotor baffle and out the rotor discharge ports.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (250 Superbowl, Slurry Capacity 10gpm)


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