Spiral Concentrator

Item ID Item Description QTY Needed
050F-011 TR100 Spiral Test Rig
050F-S001 Spiral Test Rig Sump 1
050F-S002 Spiral Test Wash Water Spiral 1
050F-S003 Spiral Shaft Valve Frame 1
050F-S004 Spiral Test Tubing Hanger Fram 2
MO-131481 Shp 220/380V 2850RPM 184T 1
500ST017 Ball Valve 2″ NPT Female 1
534ST205 GIW Mega Slurry Pump 1
537ST137 Series 70 Open Frame Valve 1
720ST061 Shaft Coupling 1-3/8/24mm Dia 2
720ST062 Bruna-N Spider 2-35/64″ Dia 1
793ST163 Flange Thrd 2″x6″ OD 2
793ST352 Flange Gasket 1-1/2″x1/16″ 2
793ST358 Flange Gasket 2″x1/16″ 2
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Spirals in coal processing are high capacity, lightweight fiberglass construction, use no power, use no reagents and effectively remove pyrites from coal.

Most spirals are available in single start, double start or triple start versions, giving two or three times the capacity for the same floor space.

Single spiral test stand is also available.



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