Tongs, Trays & Gloves

Catalog Number Description
090G-200 Cupel Tray, Holds 30, Solid Handle
090G-201 Cupel Tray, Holds 16, Detachable Handle
090G-202 Cupel Tongs, 36″, Steel. (other sizes available)
090G-203 Crucible or Scorifier Tongs, 36″, Steel.(other sizes available)
090G-205 Bead Button Tongs, 7″, Stainless Steel
090G-206 Gloves, HT, Glass Fiber, 11″
090G-207 Mittens, HT, Glass Fiber, 11″
090G-208 Apron, Knee Length
090G-211 Gloves, HT, Glass Fiber, 14″
090G-212 Mittens, HT, Glass Fiber, 14″
090G-280 High Temp Hood w/ Face Shield
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Assortment of various Tongs, Trays, and Gloves for handling assay materials.



090G-200 • Cupel Tray, 090G-212 • Mittens, HT, 14in, 090G-211 • Gloves, HT, 14in, 090G-208 • Apron, 090G-207 • Mittens, HT, 11in, 090G-206 • Gloves, HT, 11in, 090G-205 • Bead Button Tongs, 36in, 090G-203 • Crucible Tongs, 36in, 090G-202 • Cupel Tongs, 36in, 090G-201 • Cupel Tray, 16, 090G-280 • Hi Temp Hood


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